Online registration is now closed. We provide meals, banquet, and refreshments for the registered participants. No registration fee is required.

Conference venue

The conference will be held in Sangsan Mathematical Science Building 129 (상산수리과학관). All talks take place in the main lecture hall (101호).


The nearest bus stop from the venue is `College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (농생대)'. The city buses 5511, 5513, and 5516 stop at this stop.

From the subway station `Seoul National University'

After getting out through the exit 3 at the station, take the city bus 5513 and then get off at the stop `College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (농생대)'. Or take a taxi at the taxi stand between the exits 3 and 4.

Banquet (August 17, 18h00 - 20h00)

The banquet will take place in Rakkujeong (락구정) located on the first basement floor in Building 38 (글로벌공학교육센터) on campus. It is a 5 minute walking distance from the conference site.


All accommodations are arranged in SNU Hoam Faculty House (호암교수회관) near the rear entrance of the campus. The address is SNU Hoam Faculty House 239-1 Nakseondae-Dong, Gwanak-Gu, Seoul, Korea 151-057. It takes 30 minutes on foot from Hoam to Sangsan Mathematical Science Building. You can take the local bus 02 (관악 02) across from Hoam main gate. Get off the bus at the stop 'Research Institute of Advanced materials (신소재 공동 연구소)'.

Breakfast (August 18, 09h00 - 09h30)

Sandwiches will be provided at the conference venue.

Lunch (August 18, 11h30 - )

We will have a lunch on August 18 at Duramidam (두레미담). The place is on the fifth floor in Building 75-1, and is a 3-minute walk from the venue. Tickets will be distributed.